EUCODIS Bioscience manufactures and delivers “LacBuster™”, EUCODIS Bioscience’s pure and high-performing beta-lactamases. LacBuster™ has been optimized for sterility testing and environmental monitoring in the manufacture and dosage formulation of beta-lactam antibiotics and for specific diagnostic purposes.


LacBuster™-L is a novel sterile ready-to-use solution. Due to its high performance LacBusterTM-L is especially well suited for the direct inoculation method and membrane filtration tests according to US Pharmacopeia (USP <71>) and EP. It can be directly implemented into existing standard operating procedures.

LacBuster™-S is a novel beta-lactamase formulation with a broad substrate range against beta-lactam antibiotics including all clinically relevant carbapenems, cephalosporins up to 5th generation and penicillins. LacBuster™ addresses the needs of leading antibiotics manufacturers and laboratories interested in sterility testing of biological specimens and shows a significantly higher efficacy than other products currently in the market.

Penase is a penicillinase with a specific substrate range solely against all relevant penicillins. Penase is available as a freeze-dried powder.

EUCODIS beta-lactamases offer:

  • Broad substrate range
  • GMP-compliant formulation (LacBuster-LTM)
  • Long stability >1 year

Sterility Tests

LacBuster-L EB008.1 sterile liquid (10 ml) GMP 10 Beta-Lactamase I = 2500, Beta-Lactamase II = 1000
LacBuster-S EB006.1 sterile freeze-dried powder gamma irradiated 10 Beta-Lactamase I = 500, Beta-Lactamase II = 50
LacBuster-S EB006.2 sterile freeze-dried powder gamma irradiated 1 Beta-Lactamase I = 20000, Beta-Lactamase II = 2000
LacBuster-S EB006.4 freeze-dried powder non-irradiated 1 Beta-Lactamase I = 50000, Beta-Lactamase II = 5000
Penase EB002.1 freeze-dried powder 1 Beta-Lactamase I = 3300

LacBuster™ agar plates for environmental monitoring

EUCODIS Bioscience provides a general purpose growth medium supplemented with LacBuster™ to effectively neutralize beta-lactam antibiotics. The media plates are suitable for the cultivation of a wide variety of microorganisms in environmental monitoring within the pharmaceutical industry. We offer contact and settle plates for high performance monitoring of your isolators and clean rooms during beta-lactam manufacture.

Why use LacBuster™ media plates?

  • High enzymatic activity of 1 000 IU/L cephalosporinase and 10 000 IU/L penase
  • Suitable for all commonly used disinfectants
  • H2O2-impermeable triple-sleeve packaging
  • Gamma-irradiated (20 – 35 kGy)
  • Long shelf life: 7 months
  • Convenient storage at room temperature

Environmental Monitoring

LacBuster - settle plates agar plates gamma irradiated 10 Beta-Lactamase I = 10000, Beta-Lactamase II = 1000
LacBuster - contact plates agar plates gamma irradiated 10 Beta-Lactamase I = 10000, Beta-Lactamase II = 1000
LacBuster-S for production of own agar plates Bulk



EUCODIS Bioscience offers a collection of more than 50 unique lipases of microbial origin, carefully selected and engineered for applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fine chemical industry. Our lipases cover a broad range of substrates and are suitable for hydrolysis in aqueous solutions and esterifications in organic solvents.

EUCODIS Lipases achieve superior activity in multiple applications:

  • Biocatalytic stereospecific resolution of chiral alcohols and acids for API or fine chemical synthesis
    Generation of difficult to synthesize, sensitive esters
    Selective and efficient hydrolysis/esterification of C4-C22 fatty acids
    Emollient ester synthesis for cosmetics
    Production of nutritionally valuable fats and oils
    Bioplastic precursor modification refinement

We offer different lipase screening kits and provide tailor-made services for you:

  • Screening kit of 25 lyophilized lipases
    Extended lipase library (>30 additional lipases)
    Screening kit of 6 immobilized lipases
    Free and tailor-made immobilized CalBs
    Quality control of lipases by determination of hydrolytic activity using lipase suicide inhibitors
    Customized immobilization process development
    Screening of lipases library for your substrate(s)

25 lyophilized enzymes are available as standard screening kit (mg to kg) enabling rapid selection for your application. All enzymes can also be bought individually. Furthermore, we offer more than 30 additional lipases suitable for your substrate. Upon requests, bulk quantities or higher purity lipase preparations can be supplied.

EUCODIS Bioscience provides immobilized lipases suitable for organic solvents and higher temperature ranges. We offer Lipase immo Kit, a screening kit of 6 different immobilized lipases and tailor-made immobilized CalBs, customized for your application. Continuous bioreactors are available on request.

Lipase substrates: Lipase suicide inhibitors

Custom synthesis of suicide inhibitors with varying chain lengths and/or leaving groups

In addition to the lipase portfolio, EUCODIS Bioscience offers a range of suicide inhibitor substrates for lipases. The inhibitor substrates are designed for active site titration experiments and, e.g. can be used for the quantitative determination of active lipases and esterases in complex protein mixtures. They are ideally suited for quality control of hydrolytic enzymes like lipases and esterases, and are used for these applications in-house.

These phosphonate based molecules are available with either chromogenic (p-nitrophenyl derivatives) or fluorogenic (4-methyl-umbelliferyl derivative) groups for sensitive detection of hydrolytic activity of lipases and esterases. We also offer synthesis of customized lipase suicide inhibitors on demand.

ESIC01 10 mg

Use: Chromogenic standard substrate (405 nm) for the determination of active sites in lipases.

ESIC02 10 mg

Use: Chromogenic substrate (405 nm) for the determination of active sites in lipases preferring long chain leaving groups.

ESIC03 10 mg

Use: Chromogenic substrate (405 nm) for the determination of active sites in lipases preferring hydrophobic leaving groups.

ESIF01 2 mg

Use: Fluorogenic standard substrate (λex: 363 nm λem 465 nm) for the determination of active sites in lipases.



EUCODIS Bioscience has selected over 20 novel oxidative enzymes for industrial applications. The enzymes enable biocatalytic oxidation reactions beyond known dehydrogenases, P450 enzymes, reductases.

EUCODIS peroxidases are known to perform reactions such as epoxidation, N-demethylation, halogenations, dehalogenation, alcohol oxidation, hydroxylation and S-oxidation.

Our peroxidases benefit from:

  • high activity, specificity and selectivity
  • mild reactions conditions protecting your substrate
  • minimized side reactions and reduced waste
  • hydrogen peroxide as co-substrate, eliminating the need of cofactor recycling systems.

EUCODIS peroxidases are available as screening kit (50 mg – 1 g) or can be purchased individually.


EUCODIS provides a set of four highly selective phospholipases D (PLDs) for transphosphatidylation reactions to generate functionalized lipids from phospholipdis for API synthesis. Our PLDs can tolerate a broad pH range for transphosphatidylation activity.



EUCODIS bioscience offers a library of 10 novel nitrile hydratases generated by EUCODIS’ in vivo recombination technology. The enzymes perform highly specific nitrile hydrolysis and show unique properties regarding substrate specificities, reaction conditions and stabilities. We support you in the selection process of the optimal enzyme for your substrate.

Nitrile hydratases are available as kit (200 mg lyophilized powder) or can be bought individually.

Possible applications:

  • Production of acrylamide from acrylonitrile
  • Removal of nitriles from industrial waste water


EUCODIS Bioscience manufactures catalases – a potent and stable alternative to chemical neutralizers such as pyruvate – for the utilization in environmental monitoring applications.

Use of catalase as a supplement in media plates offers a more effective and reliable solution for safe and secure environmental monitoring of sterilization in clean rooms, isolators or production facilities by also removing remaining traces and spots of high concentration of H2O2. Currently, agar plates for monitoring disinfection or sterilization are supplemented with pyruvate, which is consumed during the neutralization of hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, pyruvate has difficulties in neutralizing higher amounts of hydrogen peroxide e.g. in spots compared to the EUCODIS Catalase.

One of the main benefits of EUCODIS catalase is its high stability in agar media at 50°C, which allows easy preparation of media and processing into plates. Due to the high stability no special storage conditions are needed and a shelf-life of > 6 months at 4-25°C can be guaranteed.

  • Easy to use formulation
  • Complete biocatalytic inactivation of H2O2
  • Potent, stable alternative to chemical neutralizers, more reliable than pyruvate
  • Secure and effective degradation up to 10% H2O2
  • Patent-protected in all important markets (EP2861715; US 9,951,306)
  • Irradiation at 20-30 kGy possible, for sterilization of prepared media


We are offering access to the patented technology to interested parties for collaboration in application development. EUCODIS Bioscience also offers ready-to-use media plates containing catalase for sterility monitoring and OEM supply of the enzyme for your environmental monitoring media or other applications.


Natural tubulysins and analogues

Our partner Tube Pharmaceuticals has developed several tubulysins for use in conjugate therapeutics which are produced by fermentation at EUCODIS Bioscience. The potency of Tube’s tubulysin toxins as a conjugate payload allows to target resistant cancers.

Available toxins are:

  • Tubulysin A (mg to g scale)
  • Tubulysin B (mg to g scale)
  • Other natural or synthetic analogues on request

The toxins are available in milligram to gram quantities.

More products

  • Asparaginase
  • Amidase
  • Isoamylase
  • Carboxypeptidase
  • Trypsin
  • Chitosanase
  • SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease (Mpro)


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