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Biological Indicators

Biological indicators (BIs) contain viable microorganisms that provide a defined resistance to a specified sterilization process. Trusted by hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, ambulatory surgical centers, dentists and more, BIs enable validation and verification of a sterilization cycle.

Chemicals Indicators

The Smart-Read® EZTest® Biological Monitoring System allows an organization to release sterile product with true biological confirmation faster and easier than ever before. This unique system uses a real BI – with no added enzyme or chemical integrator – which is incubated, evaluated and documented in one simple, automated operation. Relying only upon bacterial spore growth, the Smart-Read system can detect sterilization failure in as few as three to five hours, and negative results can be confirmed with ten hours of incubation.


Sample Vials & Pharmaceutical Primary

Sample vials named PYROKONTROL® are aseptic processed. They are free of endotoxin with a detection limit of < 0.001 I.U. per ml nominal volume. These glass vials do not contain water, therefore a Sterility Assurance Level (S.A.L.) of 10-6 cannot be guaranteed.

Liquid Handling

PYROTIPS® pipette tips for pipettes of the company eppendorf. In combination with these pipettes, the tips guarantee a maximum of reproducibility of the pipetted volumes. PYROTIPS® pipette tips meet all requirements of DIN 12650-2 as well as of the future EN ISO 8655-2. PYROTIPS® pipettes tips are also compatible with some other pipettes from other manufacturers. The tips are free of endotoxin (endotoxin content: < 0.001 I.U./ml).

Test Tubes and Dilution Tubes

PYROKONTROL® test tubes from soda lime glass are free of endotoxin (endotoxin content < 0.015 I.U./ml) and especially suitable as test tubes for the LAL test (gel-clot method : USP, European Pharmacopoeia et al.). Inhibition of the gel-clot test can be excluded. Endotoxin recovery is positive at 2λ.



Endotoxins from different species of bacteria obviously contain different amounts of lipid A. Our endotoxins are prepared according to the WESTPHAL method and highly purified. Opposite to most endotoxin preparations, those of ACILA do not contains any fillers


PYROVAC® sample vials

PYROVAC® sample vials with vacuum, sterile, endotoxin-free, are recommended for preparation and storage of radiopharmaceuticals. They serve as containers for drugs or diagnostics that are filled on automatic systems of different companies.

Water and Buffers

All listed buffers and solutions are free of endotoxin, as no endotoxin can be detected using the bacterial Endotoxins Test (EP 2.6.14 and USP <85>. Other solutions on demand


Prepared Media

Environmental Monitoring

Smart Enzyme Solutions

EUCODIS Bioscience manufactures and delivers “LacBuster™”, EUCODIS Bioscience’s pure and high-performing beta-lactamases. LacBuster™ has been optimized for sterility testing and environmental monitoring in the manufacture and dosage formulation of beta-lactam antibiotics and for specific diagnostic purposes.